Welcome to K9 Swim™, making waves in canine hydrotherapy since 2012...

Why Choose K9 Swim™?
Based in the Newton Heath area of Manchester, K9 Swim™ offers the very best in hydrotherapy treatment for dogs. We are the Northwest's largest hydrotherapy pool, offering an extensive range of treatments for all breeds and needs. Whether it's to lose weight, just for fun, or to help manage an existing condition/injury, K9 Swim™ can help your four legged friend lead a long healthy, happy life. To book your session or for more information click here
What other services do you offer?

As well as our state of the art hydrotherapy services, we also offer luxury grooming sessions at our salon. You can find out more about the K9 Swim™ Salon by clicking here.  We also stock an exciting range of pool ready toys from big names like Kong™, Kiwi™ and Nylabone™ as well as a delectable range of post swim snacks! 

What do our customers think?

"Absolutely amazing! Marti is just wonderful with the dogs and Skittle loves him! One of our favourite places to take our doggie!"

"Marti was fantastic! I was amazed how quickly he had a terrified little doodle swimming the length of the pool"

"Amazing place with friendly staff. My dog is so nervous around strangers that I was skeptical that the hydrotherapist would be in the pool. Marti was great, so friendly, my little pooch didn't even growl"



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0161 681 0096 Admin@k9swim.com     


50 Graver Lane, Newton Heath, Manchester, M40 1QW

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