For paddling pups to seasoned swimmers

Swim Options



Your first visit is an induction. The cost includes a safety induction and consultation with our hydrotherapist, for “up to” 30 minutes per dog.


Generally, inductions will be shorter. This allows us to take our time with especially nervous or anxious dogs. We recommend 30 minutes per dog as experience has taught us that both dogs and their owners benefit from a longer first session. 



Assisted hydrotherapy sessions are 30 minutes or 15 minutes long. 

During these sessions, your dog will be assisted by our fully qualified and experienced hydrotherapists. Each dog is different, so Marti & Leah will cater your session to the dog's needs. If your dog is nervous, Marti & Leah are trained to help them relax. 



Non-assisted hydrotherapy sessions are 30 minutes long. Here we offer full, private use of the pool for you and your dogs. These sessions are for when you want to come and have fun with your dogs in a happy, safe environment, whilst your dogs get some valuable exercise.



For some dogs, a shorter swim is a more viable choice, this may be for a number of reasons whether this be weight management, injury rehabilitation or something more breed specific

Both of our assisted and non assisted swim sessions are available at a shorter length of 15 minutes. 

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Additional dogs are allowed to attend sessions but MUST have completed an induction with an hydrotherapist before entering the pool. 

60 minute inductions are also available, these are suitable for 2 large or 3 small breed dogs. 

The above prices are subject to periodic change. Please contact reception on 0161 681 0096 or

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