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Hey there,

Woof-tastic news! We heard your pooch is itching for a splash at K9 Swim Manchester! 🐾

Dive right in: Before your furball becomes a water wiz, they'll need to strut their stuff in a mandatory doggie induction with our hydrotherapy pros. It's a paw-some opportunity for us to gauge their aquatic skills, introduce them to the pool, and dish out some swimming tips.

Secure your spot in the pool by choosing your dog's swim style—15 or 30 minutes.

The induction fee is £35.00 for a 30-minute dive or £25.00 for a 15-minute splash.

Double trouble? No problem-o! If you've got more furry friends itching to make a splash, each pup needs their own induction session. But fear not! If you've got a second human handler on deck, you can book back-to-back sessions for your pack. So, grab your crew, round 'em up, and let's get those tails wagging in the water!

Just a heads-up: During the induction, it's a solo swim for your doggie and our hydrotherapist—sorry, no human cannonballs allowed! But you're welcome to snap pics and cheer from the sidelines. Once your pooch passes the induction, we'll chat about owner-assisted swims for future splashes!

Head to the shop section of our website to purchase your induction session.

Paws crossed, we'll be seeing you and your furry friend at the pool soon!

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