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Special dog Package (Induction)

Special dog Package (Induction)


We love all dogs here, no matter their temperament. However, for our furry friends who may be anxious, nervous, reactive, or even aggressive, we understand they need a little extra TLC to feel comfortable and thrive. That's why we encourage a commitment to their well-being rather than one-off visits.

Working with these special dogs can be rewarding but requires patience and dedication. It's important for everyone's safety, including our staff members who are happy to assist but need to ensure a safe environment.

Our special package includes a personalized induction session with our experienced hydrotherapists. They will assess your dog's needs and recommend the best ongoing sessions to benefit them.

We're committed to creating a positive experience for every dog that walks through our doors, tailoring our approach to suit their unique requirements. Let's work together to help your dog feel at ease and enjoy their time with us!


The cost of this package will be put towards a personalised session plan for you. 

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